Spiritual Expansion - Re-Frame, Re-Wind and Re-Purpose Outdated Mind-Sets and Beliefs

What does it mean to re-frame mindsets and belief systems?

It means being willing to totally dismantle what you have been taught as the truth about being worthy, being deserving and following your passion doing what you love and making fabulous money!

Here are a few beliefs that you may have been taught by well-intentioned parents, teachers and friends:
*you must work hard and maybe someday you'll have something to show for it
*rich people are greedy
*Spirituality and wanting of having lots of money don't mix
*you shouldn't charge for the gifts and skills that come naturally to you
*it's selfish to want to have more money than you need to get by
*you don't deserve to earn and have lots of money, nice clothes or a fancy house
*who do you think you are anyway
*you are not worthy of having what you want
*if you have what you want then you are something away from someone who really needs it (fill in the blank) more than you do
*the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer
*What could you possibly have to offer that is of any value

What are some of the beliefs that you have that don't help you move forward in your personal and professional life?

The next step is to re-wind outdated mindsets is to choose a new belief. It's simple but not always easy because you are letting go of everything you have been taught and replacing all those lessons with something completely new.

Re-winding beliefs are, in a way, starting over and creating new beliefs and mindsets that support you, your goals, and your inner vision.

This is an incredibly huge change or shift in your thinking. The ego-chitter chatter is going to throw up all kinds of roadblocks to keep you in your place. The ego-chatter agenda is to keep you safe using fear, doubt, chaos, and confusion so you will quit and give up.

Fear is not your friend. We have been taught to fear people we don't know, fear crossing the street, fear not having enough money, fear people liking us and accepting us for who we are and what we do, fear of... the list is never-ending!

Here are a few suggestions to help you re-wind and re-frame outdated mindsets and beliefs, creating and imprinting your conscious and subconscious minds with higher vibration thoughts and emotions that support you.

Be willing to speak to yourself differently... stop using words like...
*I'm desperate for (fill in the blank)...
*I really need (fill in the blank)...
*I just have to have this (fill in the blank) right now.

Choose instead to think and speak using more positive language...
*I am grateful for (fill in the blank)...
*I have money in the (bank, wallet pocket)...
*I already have (fill in the blank)...

Re-purposing mindsets and beliefs are all about keeping what does work and letting or releasing everything else.

It isn't necessary or even being suggested that everything you have ever learned is of no value or completely useless. Quite the opposite!

Everything you have learned, been taught, and have been re-enforced, this means everything that is now a part of your past, has helped you get to where you are right now.

The difference in not staying where you are is so that you can break through the internal mental, emotional, and energy blockages that have kept you playing small, not believing in yourself, made you feel less than worthy and not deserving of having and manifesting your goals, dreams and your Inner Vision.

Be willing to think and speak differently, changing and shifting your inner vibration attracting more of what you want and so much less of what you don't into your life and into your daily experiences.

Make a commitment to yourself right here and right now to take action, one step towards shifting your words, thoughts, and emotions and you will have different results!

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